Creative Rainbow Sticker Pack - Design #485

Approx 1.0 hour


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One of the best features of a Cricut cutting machine is called "Print Then Cut,” and with this tutorial, you can learn how to use this often overlooked but beneficial tool. I’m including free digital downloads of my Creativity Rainbow Sticker Pack template so you can start immediately!

What Does Print Then Cut on Cricut Mean? 

Before Cricut, we would create an image and print it on a regular color printer. Then, we would need to cut it out with scissors or an X-acto knife, which can mean mistakes and an uneven border. 

With the "Print Then Cut" feature on a Cricut machine, there are no more hand-cutting, hatchet jobs, or size issues on the sticker sheet. You still print your image, but let your Cricut machine do the cutting and shaping for you. 

These step-by-step instructions and my video tutorial will:

  • Explain the differences between "Print Then Cut,” a cut image, and a regular layered SVG file. 

  • Teach you how to set up a "Print Then Cut" project. 

  • Show you how to make your own sticker with Cricut.

  • Show you how to calibrate your cutting machine. 

  • Provide FREE sticker templates for Cricut.

  • Help you recognize a "Print Then Cut" image in Design Space.

  • Explain how to calibrate your Cricut for "Print Then Cut."

  • Explain which printer is best for Cricut.

  • Show you how to turn an SVG file into a "Print Then Cut” project.

Free Creativity Rainbow Sticker Pack 

Rainbows are so pretty, colorful, and loved by children and adults everywhere. I’ve included my free templates for rainbow stickers so you can try out the Cricut "Print Then Cut" fun! You can use durable vinyl sticker paper that will work on water bottles, car windows, calendars, cards, and more! 

Making stickers has never been easier! Happy crafting!

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Print Then Cut Stickers and Machine Calibration Video Tutorial The Ultimate Guide To Print Then Cut

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