Summer Planner Stickers - Design #638

Approx 1.0 hour

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If you’re like me, summer is a busy season full of activities, vacations, childcare, and BBQs. These three months are supposed to be relaxing but instead become very hectic! I’ve found the best way to make summer tranquil again is to organize my schedule with these Summer Planner Stickers! 

This template of high-quality printable planner stickers is an easy Cricut project for any level of crafter. You will have a happy planner, a friendly calendar, and an organized bullet journal with these Hawaiian-themed sticker sheets (for your personal use only, please). 

Summer Crafts, Cricut Help, and More Planner Stickers

Log in or join my Member Area to access the summer stickers. The template includes a download link for a Print Then Cut printable for your Cricut cutting machine or scissors (be sure to leave a little white border around your printable stickers). 

You can also learn how to make your own planner stickers or learn more about the Print Then Cut technique. 

The Summer Planner Stickers aren't the only planner sticker kit I offer - check out these other cute stickers and planner printables! 

There are more planner stickers on my blog! Besides summer planner stickers, I have additional crafts that will bring more chill to your summer days! Check out these t-shirts, home decor, luau flowers, and Fourth of July fun!

Supplies for Summer Planner Stickers: 

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